Our Services

Services Include:

  • Ear Irrigation (Adults & Children over 10)
  • Aural Toileting (Dry Method with Instruments)
  • Microsuction
  • Pre & Post Op Ear Care Advice
  • Infection & Prevention Advice
  • No GP referral required for Adults
  • Training & Updates for nurses
  • Mentoring for Ear Care Students
  • Venues can be arranged by Appointment

Email for further information.

Training & Mentorship

  • A full study day can be arranged which will consist of:
  • A full TAD Ear Care Pack
  1. A detailed PowerPoint Presentation
  2. Anatomy and Physiology of the ear
  3. Ear conditions
  4. Treatments

  • Questions & Answers on training
  • Practical skills on Aural Toilet
  • Ear Irrigation skills
  • Microsuction skills (if required)
  • Certificate will be presented if the theory and practical results are achieved
  • Followed up with Annual day study updates

Email for further information.