Welcome to TAD Mobile Ear Care Clinic

TAD Ear Care Clinic has been set up by Theresa McGarry and is a unique mobile service which is available throughout Ireland. It has been designed to offer you a further treatment choice in your ear care needs. Not always is Irrigation suitable therefore I may offer "Aural Toilet" which is carried out with instruments.

All treatments are safe and effective when carried out correctly.

Your treatment will be carried out in a local venue or I may travel to your home.

What is Ear Irrigation?

Ear wax Irrigation is a simple treatment with lukewarm water which is injected into the ear through a purpose-made machine which controls the water pressure precisely to insure the ear cannot be damaged. Under the gentle force of the water, the ear wax is softened and dislodged and the wax is removed out of the ear.

This service is exclusive to people in various parts of Ireland and is carried out by a highly experienced Ear Care Nurse. It is a safe and non-invasive system for removing ear wax therefore benefiting patients with improved hearing, greater social interaction and increase the quality of their everyday life.

The ear care service can be provided onsite at nursing homes throughout Ireland reducing healthcare and travel costs for both trusts and patients.

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