About Us

Theresa is a Registered Nurse and has worked in the field of Ear Care for over 15 years and has carried out Nurse Led Ear Care Clinics within the hospital setting for the past 8 years. Theresa's Ear Care Diploma was obtained in the Primary Ear Care Centre in Rotherham in 2004.

Theresa worked in ENT in Daisy Hill Hospital for over 15 years where she gained her experience and skills under the guidance of ENT Consultants Mr E. McNaboe, Mr P. Leyden. Theresa is fully trained in Microsuction which is a treatment that is only carried out with a microscope and suction machine. This is carried out by a Specialist Nurse or ENT Doctor.

Theresa can treat various ear infections, removal of foreign bodies, clearance of mastoid cavities, ear dressings and wax removal.

Consultation Pre Ear Irrigation

  • Obtain Patient's Consent
  • A good, clear history
  • Examination of ears with an Aurascope
  • If normal findings no further assessment or treatment
  • If blocked with ear wax, proceed with ear irrigation or microsuction

Patients with Wax

  • Assess if wax is hard or sticky
  • If wax is easily removed with instruments?
  • Is the softener required for hard wax
  • Following assessment if patient is suitable proceed with irrigation
  • Following the irrigation dry mop ear
  • Post Op Advice
  • Letter for GP and letter for Patient on discharge

Reasons not to carry out Ear Irrigation

  • Patients with a history of a Cleft Pallet
  • Patients who have a Non-healed Perforation (Damaged Ear Drum)
  • Surgery carried out on the ears
  • Patients with Ear Infections(over the past 6 weeks)
  • Patients Complications with previous irrigation
  • Dizziness or ringing inthe ears